With our long history of producing and supplying outstanding quality food packaging solutions, we have been in touch with certified consultants since 2010 to qualify us to be accredited with a number of world-renowned certification pertinent to food safety, product quality and environment safety.


All our staff has been trained and are qualified accordingly to perform with due professionalism and expertise and our production facilities have been enhanced to meet the rigorous criteria set for accreditation purposes.


The following are among some of the certificates we are qualifying for:-


ISO 9001:2008 – This certification addresses good and effective quality management practices, excellent product quality and delivery; and superior customer satisfaction.

OHSAS 18001 – This certification addresses occupational health and safety management systems according to international standards.

ISO 14000 – This certification addresses environmental management that conforms to environment safety processes which comply with internationally applicable laws and regulations.

ISO 22000 – This certification addresses food safety at the highest level to ensure that adequate control is in place.


Eramco is committed to be a driving force in the food packaging industry and if you are looking for a proficient and dependable food packaging supplier, you can always count on us.



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