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If you’re looking for a reputable food packaging company with an international presence and the experience to produce outstanding quality standards consistently, look no further than Eramco.

Historical Background

Eramco is based in beautiful Egypt and has been a prominent manufacturer of food packaging products since 1999 to a myriad of industries making us the leading experts in the land of the Pharaohs. We have also craftfully exported our products to North Africa and Levant regions since 2005.
Some of our products include aluminum containers, aluminum rolls, stretch film, cling film, coasters and more. Our responsive team of friendly food packaging specialists will work with you to produce appealing, top-quality materials and transform your visions into reality.

We are also the market leader in Egypt for private labeling of aluminum containers and aluminum foil rolls.


Eramco has also been honored with the prestigious ISO 9001 accreditation and we constantly aim to provide sustainable quality products and to be an internationally recognized industry leader in the manufacturing of food packaging solutions.


Offering you premium class products at competitive prices is our priority and commitment and we strive to continually develop our portfolio of products while maintaining high standards without compromise.

Our mission is to be a successful team offering ultimate quality and innovation to all our customers.
Contact us today and let us know how best we can serve you.



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